Szerző: Zoltán Ginelli

Zoltán Ginelli is a geographer and historian of science. His research is in the geographies of knowledge, the history of geography, and global and transnational history. His main focus is on the historical relations between Eastern Europe and the Global South/Third World in the 19th and 20th centuries, including topics such as development and regional planning, (post)colonialism and racism, Cold War foreign policy, and travel writing. He lectured at various universities and colleges, and worked as an assistant researcher in the 1989 After 1989 and Socialism Goes Global projects at the University of Exeter (2015–2019). His current project, Postcolonial Hungary explores Hungarian semiperipheral colonial history from a world-systemic perspective. He is curating the exhibition Transperiphery Movement: Global Eastern Europe and Global South, and finishing his book based on 7 years of research about the global history of the quantitative revolution in geography.

The transnational genealogy of the “quantitative revolution“ in geography: Tracing location theories in Hungarian geography and spatial planning

Insitut für Länderkunde Colloquium, Leipzig, 24 April 2016 This talk addresses some arguments for a transnational perspective against previously provincialized and compartmentalized accounts on the epitomized “quantitative revolution” in geography of the early Cold War […]