Prime Minister Ferenc Nagy Research Group

Our Ferenc Nagy Prime Minister Research Group was established in 2020 under the leadership of myself and Zoltán Kovács Kozári. The Research Group started its work in collaboration with the Csorba Győző Library in Pécs, but now operates independently. Kovács organized a Ferenc Nagy chamber exhibition in the Local History Collection of the library already in 2013. Our shared commitment brought us together in 2019, when we started research in the archives of the Columbia University just at the same time.

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Zoltán Kovács Kozári and Richárd Kovács are shooting a biographical documentary film series on Ferenc Nagy in the USA and in the smallholder Prime Minister’s home village of Bisse (near Pécs). Here they are also preparing plans for a memorial house and route under monument protection to support local tourism and rural development.

“I have been working in the Hungarian media for almost four decades: newspapers, radio and television, and for the last two decades I have been working in the web-based digital content services and social media. During this time I have conducted thousands of interviews and been exposed to so many life stories. It’s very timely that Ferenc Nagy’s life story is being made into a film.”

          Zoltán Kovács Kozári, Journalist & Media Professional

As an academic researcher, I am interested in Ferenc Nagy’s diplomatic and foreign policy activities during his U.S. emigration. Currently I am digitizing the collections of the Hungarian Prime Minister. My research focuses on the role of Ferenc Nagy and the Hungarian anti-communist émigré community in shaping the political discourse of “Soviet colonialism” in relation to Afro-Asian decolonisation. The aim of our research team is to make the life story of Ferenc Nagy known to both domestic and international audiences.

“I have been researching the history of Hungary’s global relations for a decade. I have been working on several national and international research projects, and I have taught at several universities, colleges and schools. I started working with Ferenc Nagy in 2019 in the international research project Socialism Goes Global. I am co-authoring a book on his work on Afro-Asian diplomacy, published by Cambridge University. I am convinced that it is in the national interest to work on the life story of our former Prime Minister.”

          Zoltán Ginelli, geographer & global historian